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shanghai raas co-sponsored summit of blood products industry innovation practice leads industry trends
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on november 28th and 29th, the 6th summit of blood products industry was held in shanghai, hosted by yimao medical center. more than 100 elite leaders from top enterprises, industry regulators, medical institutions and industry experts from all sectors of the blood products industry chain attended the summit. shanghairaas was invited to participate as a co-sponsor.


the blood products industry summit is the "first blood products exchange platform in china", which has been successfully held five times so far. the sixth session of this year focuses on clinical, market, technology and quality, facing industry policies and regulations, market dynamics, product research and development and other topics. the participants made speeches and the atmosphere of the meeting was active and warm.


lu hui, deputy general manager of shanghairaas spoke at the meeting as an invited moderator. lu said: "throughout the development process of blood products industry in developed countries, opportunities and challenges coexist in the future of china's blood products industry. how to deal with various regulatory issues in the operation of enterprises? how can the industry overcome its limitations? how to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of plasma? how to break the "stereotype" of pulp donation is a problem that the whole blood products industry practitioners need to face and solve. it is also the significance of this meeting. the whole industry needs to work together to make changes. we have a long way to go. we need to move forward.



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