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signing ceremony of the budget and performance objectives responsibility contract for 2018 held solemnly in raas
published:2018-06-20 views:time

on the morning of march 1, the signing ceremony of the budget and performance objectives responsibility contract for 2018 was held solemnly in the lecture hall on the second floor and attended by the company's leading body, gm assistants, directors, division heads, senior experts and some leaders.

mr. liu zhen, deputy general manager, and mr. liu youwei, hr director, made an introduction to the preparation of the budget for 2018 and the setup of the performance objectives for 2018, respectively, in the beginning.

afterwards, the leaders in charge and the division heads signed the budget and performance objectives responsibility contract for 2018. the atmosphere was solemn and warm during the ceremony and the deputy general managers and the divisional heads shook hands with and encouraged each other again and again while signing the responsibility contract.

in the end, mr. chen jie, chairman and gm of raas, gave a closing speech. in his speech, chen pointed out that the budget and the objectives were hard constraints that required proper handling, gradual optimization, constant perfection, and continuous evolution. all work had to be done with perseverance and ingenuity by objective- and problem-oriented approaches. chen also said that he expected everyone to throw away the scabbard and give their potential a full play and, by focusing on their key emphasis in work with characteristic raas morale, achieve breakthroughs in the coming year. the year 2018 is for "eliminating short slabs, setting up models, and promoting evolution". we spare no efforts today to secure the fulfillment of our objectives and major tasks for 2018 and we are bound to be greeted by a better tomorrow.

the signing ceremony marks a new start, another indefatigable march towards the company's annual target. all colleagues are expected to spare no efforts and pass no buckets in making contribution to and practicing altruism for the phenomenal transformation of the organization, their groups, and themselves in 2018. be courageous, cooperative, and ambitious for achieving the company's business objectives for 2018! the cause to build raas into a grand fleet in the blood products industry and a world-leading biopharmaceutical company calls for all employees to endeavor relentlessly and indefatigably!




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