What is SOlarMOND's BARTER? SolarMOND's Token to barter any thing you want by " Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another. Usually there is no exchange of cash ,just start negotiating."

How it works

Bartering occurs when two or more parties – such as individuals, businesses and nations – exchange goods or services evenly without the use of a monetary medium. While a barter economy is considered more primitive than modern economies, barter transactions still regularly transpire in the marketplace
by the way SolarMOND's Barter to Blockchain.


Vacuum Cleaner - Heavy Duty & Lightweight Dust & Pet Hair Sweeper w/HEPA Filter & Long Cord for Cleaning Carpet, Hardwood & Tile Floors

Compatible Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter, Air Purifier for Bedroom, for Spaces Up to 450 Sq Ft, Perfect for Home/Office with Filter (EPI-186)
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❃Portable, Multi-Surface Cleaning
Powerful suction gets the dirt high and low--great for bare floors, rugs and above-floor cleaning
Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch
Automatic cord rewind for quick cord storage with the push of a button
Includes telescoping Wand, Automatic Cord Rewind, Variable Suction Control, Full Bag Indicator